Welcome to BanHe Technology
The leading OLED material from Luminescence Technology Corporation
Banhe Technology was founded in Changchun National High-technology
Industry Development Area in 2009. It has a strong and friendly partnership
with Luminescence Technology Corporation (Lumtec) ,responsible as Lumtec
China distributor,would like to provide the highest performing and convenient
service for Lumtec customers in China mainland.
Why choose Luminescence Technology?

Luminescence Technology(Lumtec) is a leading manufacture of organic light emitting diode (OLED) materials and organic photovoltaic materials (OPV cell) in Taiwan. It was founded in 2001 and developed new synthesized materials each year to provide performance verification of device and technical service for customers.
The remarkable focus of Lumtec is on the following materials:
1. OLED materials
2. Organic semiconductor materials
---OTFT (organic thin film transistor)
---OFET(organic field effect transistor)
---OSC (organic solar cell)
---DSSC (Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell)
3. Organic intermediates
4. Boronic acids
5. ITO glass selling & patterning service
6. Custom synthesis

We are looking forward to establishing a constant partnership with you and guarantee an ongoing service and support.

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